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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  February 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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able to hit harder, endure more trauma. even as the ad is meant to stop our guilt about the game's violence, it is all about the violence. one big hit after another. the hits are why we tune in. why we like to go watch. the nfl is what will make us feel protected of and connected to football, seeing the hits in the ad. the nfl has not evolved to be safer, but it is more lucrative, which means bigger and more spectator hits. hynes ward said take the football off, with leather helmets, when you put a helmet on you use it as a weapon. an interesting idea, you don't hit as hard without the pads, you don't want to say these days were easier, football was hard and they died, too. football is not going to be safe as long as it is built around
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giant men colliding against each other, giving as much force as they can. but in the end, you see the sidelines, didn't look like much, the announcer said, only late in the ad when the field is filled with the gladiators, nobody wants to watch a game that doesn't look like much. that is "the last word." i'm ezra klein in for lawrence >> wild rover. let's play "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. scared of its own shadow. that's how scared the republican party is. the latest, if you can believe it, karl rove, the architect of the debokle.
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the valerie wilson affair. last and not least, bush's brain with neither honor nor irony. well, this same karl rove has just declared plans to keep the republican party what he and she wants to do, vote for the most right wing candidate in site. bush's brain is now mocking the republican brain with his announcement that henceforth he, not those primary caucus voters will select the best candidates for senate and other high offices. he, the architect will design the winning republican offering for 2014. what this says is that the mightiest mus in the republican party happens to lost his faith in the party. he and she will throw up more disasters for the voter to reject come next november.
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more aikens and murdochs who has made the grand old party can tillon of calls. who dares to trust rove as a self-styled electoral grand ra jeer. let's hear from howard feinman and joy reed. talk about political cross dressing. he's going from being the master of disaster by making sure henceforth, those frisky little voters aren't going to go right wing. >> well, i've been laboring all afternoon to come up with the best analogy. the best i can come up with, this is like dr. frankenstein himself starting an anti-monster crusade in the country side. he built this thing. he built the thing and now he's
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trying to unbuild it. his eye for candidates is not really that terrific to begin with. the problem they've got is in an earlier generation, with an earlier structure, the republicans can take the energy of the people of the grass roots. bend it toward the middle and use it to elect people like ronald reagan and the bushes, father and son. but all of that architecture is gone. all you've got is the energy at the grass roots that isn't organized in anyway. and karl rove can't organize it. neither can any of the other people who played with that power but who now can't control it. >> so those who rode the tiger are now inside the tiger. >> exactly. >> don't forget, the chamber of commerce, at very times, made common cause with the antigovernment, anti-tax, anti-everything. they were willing to get in bed with him at certain points.
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and now they're paying for it. and karl is trying to unwind what he's wound. >> he's like a track tout. i used to go and after the races were over, they would show you who they'd recommend you'd bet on. it was always the winners that pass out the free picks. i would have bet on this guy. that's rove out there saying i would have had all of these winners picked, we would have won all of these general elections and now everybody realizes we're going to go over it in a minute. but your thoughts? >> now, i totally agree with howard. your analogy there. the problem for karl is we have all the betting slips. his two organizations, american cross roads and cross roads gps had a 1% and a 14% success rate. that is not a good track record. it doesn't auger well. this guy, basically, built donors out of more than $200 million and got no return on
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investment and now he's coming back and saying oh, i can fix the party. good luck with that. >> let's take a look here. you're dead right there. in case you forgot, karl rove embarrassed himself on national television. this is another little problem he had. the fox news called it, ohio had voted for obama this past november. >> do you believe that ohio has been settled? >> no, i don't. >> it may be that barack obama wins the state. but it seems to me that u you know, you've got a lot of votes yet to cast. >> well, in an attempt to convince rove he was gone, called fox news hoesz megan kelly took an on-camera walk to the fox decision desz k. >> we'll do a little interrogation and see if they standby their call. notwithstanding the doubt that karl rove is attempting to place. keep coming. here we go.
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this is the decision desk. now we're in the heart of the decision desk room. you tell me whether you standby your call at ohio given the doubts that karl rove just raised. >> we're actually quite comfortable with the call in ohio. >> my god, there you have karl rove who has ridiculously put himself to the hard right, a fox, saying fox makes the call as good people across the country at the time and he says i don't like that. what's the matter with you guys? >> other than everything that was on msnbc and nbc, that was my favorite moment of the night. but it's very damaging for karl. i've covered him forever. >> what's worse? getting all the picks wrong? or refusing to accept reality? >> well, they're both terrible for a guy who, at one point, was viewed as the kind of savant, the architect. >> bush's brain. was that ever meant to be ironic? >> you're laughing, joy. >> george w. bush thought it was ironic. don't forget, maybe i shouldn't be crude on the air -- >> don't.
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>> okay, i won't be. >> george bush had another name for karl rove. >> oh, yeah. >> it's something you would find in a farm field that was much less favorable. >> blossom was part of it. >> w. wasn't always e nam ret of karl rove. but i think it's gotten away from him. >> let's get back to something we were talking about, which is the democratization of the republican party. in this sense, they can no longer be ruled, joy. they're so angered up by what they've been fed, this anger fesation that's been planted for so many years now about farmers, imgrants, minorities, government, taxes. they've got so many hatred. they used to hate communism, which was pretty healthy. they're not going to listen to people like dick luger. they not going to vote for bob bennett. they're looking for someone way out in the sage where you shall.
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>> that's absolutely right. karl rove was "the brain" and was a smart guy in the party back when the far right was allowed in the house but they couldn't touch anything. they weren't allowed to actually run anything. but what happened since george w. bush, when they sort of corralled in the far right wing, convincing them that george w. bush was a true conservative which, of course, he turned out in their minds not to be. he turned out to be a big spender. he turned out to do medicare part d. he did all of these things. they were able to get the far right to go with them. now, since 2010, they've been allowed to govern. they've actually had real power. they're not going back into that mode. >> but, chris -- >> i don't think they like fighting aides in africa too much. >> but, chris, i also think the other thing that you said is very, very important, which is, in the old days, in the ronald
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reagan days, the enemy was over there. it was communism. it was the reds. and the binding principle of ronald reagan's conservativism was anti-communism, which had more to do with the world as a whole than the very power structure of your own political party. what's happened with the tea party is that they're constantly running against their own people, not only in washington, not only the government, but their own republican -- >> remember the 11th? >> forget the 11th commandment. that's way, way -- >> it's now being stampeded over. here's the new organization. it's if latest example, republicans turning on each other. john mccain tried to humiliate nominee chuck hagel. and this is just the beginning. >> are you going to answer the question, senator hagel. the question is were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straight forward question. >> but karma caught up with mccain quickly.
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about an hour after that, he berated hagel. here's how rand paul reacted to mccain's comments. let's listen. >> i find the argument spurious and really frankly absurd. >> on laura ingram's radio show, louisiana senator marco rubi on the emigration issue. >> i love and respect marco, i think he's amazingly naive. >> wow, in other words, he cares about hispanics. in a colossal put down, chris chistie hung the blame for post-sandy suffering squarely on republicans. >> there's only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims. the house majority and their
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speaker, john boehner. >> you know, joy, this was an old democratic problem. >> yes. >> it was called democrats in disarray. you could put it up on every newspaper, every evening news show. >> you had it every week for years. >> now, we don't have alliteration here, but republicans doesn't sound as neet. it sounds like they've picked up disease from the ds. >> the people like rove who are trying to engineer the numbers, trying to engineer 51% by wanting to do all of these politically savvy things by finding someone who looks salve ri. and then you have the grass roots that's just about listen, let me take care of my state or you have the far right. and they're not listening anymore. the far right doesn't believe the reason they keep losing presidential elections or that they've lost the last two is because they're too far right. it's because people like karl rove keep forces moderates on
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them. they blame people like karl rove for their problems. >> we're going to get to it later in this show. the d block. but how can you convince minorities, for example, that you really want to plague hispanics. how can you get them to believe you're really interested in them being part of your coalition if you're spending all of your time rigging the elections? >> exactly. >> well, there's that, too. joy's point, i think, is people like rand paul, they identified the enemy as the republican party itself. and in the old days, and even under ronald reagan, the republican party had a little bit of a wait in line, royalist tinge to it. now, reagan challenged it, but he first ran in '68. and then he ran in '76. and then he finally got in '80 and put bush on the ticket. all of that structure that yufzed to keep the lid on things is completely gone. now you've got somebody like rand paul who's definitely going to run for president in 2016.
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his whole strategy is going to be to run against the republican party. >> if you want to encapsulate the problem with the republican party right now, just look at john mccain and sarah palin. they are palinites and these establishment guys. >> and there's no regard for them as the former standard. in the old days, the republicans would give some props to the people. >> that used to last forever. anyway, thank you, howard. and joy, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, the unmasking of the nra. the scales have fall nl from our eyes and we can all see with the nra is right now, the national voice of gun manufacturers and their personal arsenals is the last defense in the tir ran kal government. it's getting worse out there. republicans haven't given up on the idea of rigging
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elections. where else would they come from? let's do away with the winner take all schl. that way, mitt romney would have gotten eight of the state's votes and maybe this has something to do with the republicans haven't won pennsylvania since the '80s. the birther crowd says this isn't the president shooting a gun. they are really whacko. finally, roman catholics and the issue of birth control, they've found a way for a con kor dat, to use an old term. and this is "hardball," the place for politics.
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>> democrats look to bl b in good shape now.
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former governor bill well declined a bid today following former senator scott brown's decision. that moons the winner of the democratic primary will likely be the favorite in the june special election. i'm with markey. one more bit of news late today, nbc news learned to tag romney as won't run. tagg was interested in the seat. we'll be right back.
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the only way we can reduce gun violence in this country is if the american people decide it's important. if parents and teachers, police officers and pastors, hunters and sportsmen, americans of every background stand up and say this time, it's got to be different. we've suffered too much pain to standby and do nothing. >> welcome back to "hardball." today, president barack obama
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took his argument for gun control outside washington telling the minnesota crowd that the power was in the hands of all americans to get something done. it's not to get misguided rhetoric or let that confuse the issue. let's listen to some more from the president. >> tell them there's no legislation to eliminate all guns. there's no legislation being proposed to subvert the second amendment. tell them specifically what we're talking about. things that the majority of americans, when they're asked, support. and tell them now is the time for action. that we're not going to wait until the next newtown or the next aurora. >> well, the more that the nra looks like a bunch of dead enders, the better the chance that the president can rally the country. david corn's washington bureau chief and joan walsh, both are msnbc political analysts.
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joan, do you think wayne lapierre has lost it? he got a grilling on fox yesterday. let's listen to how he reacted. >> the president's kids are safe and we're all thankful for it. the point of that ad -- >> they also face a threat that most children do not face. >> tell that to the people in newtown. >> do you really think that the president's children are the same kind of target as every school child in america? that's ridiculous and you know it, sir. you talk -- one of the points of that ad that i want to ask you about is you made it a class argument, the rich, the elite. they have bodyguards. they have security. >> sure. and mayor bloomberg has it. mayor bloomberg has it. >> i'll tell you somebody else who has security, you do. >> sometimes, yeah -- >> on capitol hill you had security. today you have security.
11:22 pm
>> yeah, you talk about hypocrisy right out in the open, we've had all kinds of threats coming. >> you know, trying to outline those sentences, there's a lot of grunts going on there. i don't think there's a lot of words or verbs in there. good for chris. he caught him, like a good newsman, he caught him. this guy's sense of fairness, of logic, is gone. going after the president's daughters who are protected because they're the president's daughters and can be used as hostages. we all know why. we know why we protect the president's widows. we understand why we protect the presidents when they're retired. we know they can be used against our country. that's why they get protection. not because it's some sort of plus in their life. >> class snobbery. right, no, it's ridiculous. what it shows you is that wayne lapierre is so used to being deferred to in certain situations and honestly, particularly on fox, i think this is very significant. you know, four years ago, as the obama administration was just
11:23 pm
getting started in its first term, lapierre was on with glen beck riling people up, talking to beck's paranoid audience about this gun grab that was coming. and all of this -- beyond alarmist, insane rhetoric and devicive rhetoric. >> how much is -- do you think people were just psychological? is this a male thing worried about somebody coming to get their appliance? i mean, what is this about? it seems deeper than just how many guns do you own? do they actually believe that the federal government is going to come door-to-door to law-abiding, regular class, people, looking for guns? do they actually believe that's going to happen? >> some of them do, i think. and i think they particularly believe it when there's a democrat in the white house. wayne lapierre is the person who talked about federal agents after oklahoma city. so this is a man who's been allowed to have a platform on the national stage, even though he is a wing nut. and, finally, you have someone reich chris wallace who is certainly a more moderate voice
11:24 pm
of fox telling the truth and calling him out as ridiculous. and wayne lapierre is not prepared for this at all. >> guys, why don't they pay attention to the aclu? if you think about it, you can't do a stop and frisk law without fighting the aclu. you can't just go out and frisk them. these guys think somebody is coming to their house to take away their shotgun? there's no precedent for this. we are so scared to invade people's privacy in this country that the only time you get checked -- you don't get checked getting on a train. the only time is getting on an airplane. >> chris, you like american history. you reach hitch ard hoffstetter. from the very beginning, this country was born with this conflict between people who were fearful of big government and those who weren't. and people like wayne lapierre and others just found these flames. they make a lot of money doing it. it supports them politically.
11:25 pm
>> why does it work? >> i think they are preying on fears and worries and anxieties. >> is he crazy like a sfox? >> i think he's crazy like millions of the other people. i don't know if he believes this stuff. >> i think he behaves like the people who are scared. that's what i think works. by the way, the class thing is so important here. if you can convince the average guy, usually a guy in pennsylvania who is a deer hunter who once a year goes out and shoots deer. i don't do it, but fine, you do it. they go out and do it. and you say it's the elite media types t. it's the people in hollywood that make all the money. they get their kicks some other way. you've got this one little hob bee. i think it's brilliantly evil. >> it is brilliantly evil, although it's not as brilliant anymore because i don't think it's working. david is right, it does work in riling up some pockets. but i think that's what he counted on with that ad that used the president's daughters. he called him, you know, an elite, liberal hypocrite.
11:26 pm
that's the kind of thing spiro agnew and richard nixon were very successful in pulling away reagan democrats. >> in aum fairness, it's a good thing to go for. here's chris wallace. let's listen to chris and then wayne. >> i think what they'll do is they'll turn this universal check on the law-abiding into a universal registry of law-abiding people. and law-abiding people don't want that. >> they absolutely do not. forgive me, sir, but you take something that is here and you say it's going to go all the way over there. there's nothing that anyone in the administration has said that indicates they're going to have a universal registry. >> and obama care wunt a tax until they needed it to be a tax. >> it was the supreme court that said that. >> i don't think you can troous these -- >> you can't trust them is the bottom line. it's fear. >> but they're not just arguing the policy malters. it's coming at it from a sort of
11:27 pm
political cultural angle. they're the enemy. and its all ties into what we have. >> why the change? a couple years ago, wayne lapierre personally was there on the issue of background checks. >> because it's become more and more extreme. as their base, as the conservative base has become more extreme. the nra, 20 years ago, was more for hunters. >> the trouble is they're better at this game than the other side, the good guys. this one aired only in the d.c., washington area. the mayors against illegal guns used wayne lapierre's own words against him. >> the nra once supported background checks. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory, instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> did you like that ad, joan?
11:28 pm
i don't know if you can match the nra with their se lashsness, but your thoughts? >> i do like the ad. and i think it's pointing to the fact that wayne lapierre has become more extreme. and i really do think that in order to scratch the itch of the most paranoid people who are invested in the idea that this president is illegitimate or somehow much more of a statist and much more of a tret and much more of a tie rant, in rand paul's words, they're sort of trying to team up and channel that resentment against him and that notion that he is somehow a usurper who's going farther than other american presidents in his agenda and in his assault on their freedom. so it's a real -- it's channelling an old fear in american culture but also a newer fear about president obama.
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>> up next, you've heard of the birthers, now get ready for the skeet birthers. they're the latest right wing conspiracy crowd. you can't believe this theory because you can't blaef any of them. but this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up in the middle of the night it can be frustrating. it's hard to turn off and go back to sleep. intermezzo is the first and only prescription sleep aid approved for use as needed in the middle of the night when you can't get back to sleep. it's an effective sleep medicine you don't take before bedtime.
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sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. first, the white house gives the far right a new target? it started when the president told the new republic magazine that he goes skeet shooting. in a flash, in an effort to trick us all into supporting new gun laws. well, enter former obama advisor david plugh. attention skeet birthers. let the photo shop conspiracies begin. a link to the president in the act. and begin they did from i have never once seen a smoke pattern
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like that one to the arms don't look like and i don't recall obama having a little pot belly. other questions whether the president's angle on the president's snapshot leads to skeet shooting. >> now, i know that there's going to be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we've got better stuff to do. >> next, unworthy comparisons. this one comes to us from congressman lou barletto. criminals will get their hands on guns no matter what laws are in place. the reasoning? guns are just like spoons, right? >> when we have people that get into the mind set that they want to harm people, as a former mayor, i know people will get guns no matter what laws we pass. >> would banning spoons stop
11:34 pm
obesity? of course not. >> do speed limits slow down traffic a bit? yes. that's all you have to think about. forget spoons. anyway, with that comment, barletto joined the ranks of other individuals of going off the deep end. remember, rick santorom on gay marriage? >> marriage is what marriage is. marriage existed before there was a government. it's like handing this up and saying is it a glass of water or glass of beer? you can call it a glass of beer, but it's not. water is what water is. marriage is what marriage is. >> and how about steve king on immigration?
11:35 pm
>> i think that was meant to be a compliment toward immigrants. up next, the latest republican scheme to rig the election. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics.
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welcome back to "hardball." there are several states where republicans floated the idea of how electoral votes are dif i haved up. republicans controlled the state legislatures. well, the scheme seem today have crashed before they even began in most of those states. in florida, for example, top republicans have backed away. in virginia, the bill was killed in committee. in ohio, the republican governor indicated it was opposed in wisconsin where paul ryan said he was against the change. that leaves one state for now, pae pa. and republicans seem sbent intent on going ahead. dominic says he will introduce legislation this month that will change how electoral votes are awarded, changing it from a
11:40 pm
winner take all to a popular vote. that would be instead of 12. it's going against them. well, this latest scheme succeeded. jim burnen is the chairman of the democratic party of pennsylvania. a columnist for the washington post and an msnbc political analyst. you've been keeping an eye on the other side up there in pennsylvania. what is it about harrisburg? when they get to the capital, they all sit around and play kaurds or whatever they do. they try to think of new, weird ways to win a state without getting the most votes. it seems to be an indoor sport up there? >> well, chris, thanks for letting me be on your show. we pushed back up there hard. i don't know what it is when they goo to harrisburg. some of it has to do with where they started. some of them coming up with these crazy ideas were like that before they got there. but when they get there, they empower each other or think they co.
11:41 pm
the bottom line is we've bn right on the issues. our candidates are right on the usual shoes in pennsylvania. we have won the presidency here since 1988. if the republicans would do it the easy way, put a moderate candidate up who is more in touch with the needs of pennsylvanians versus these radical right candidates, maybe they would be more competitive. but they have to try to rig is the system because they continue to get sent back in defeat. >> philadelphia, for example, 85% for the democrat. i grew up in that state. it was always a 50-50 kind of state. >> yeah, but, you know, look at the suburbs around philadelphia. that's the real battleground now. >> well, they think the republican party is a whack job. >> well, good point. >> even on guns and stuff and abortion rights and gay marriage. they think these guys are 50
11:42 pm
years ago. >> it's not that kind of hard right state. and it's true. if you put up those hard right candidates, you're not going to win the state. >> i agree with that. by the way, michael smerconish shows that issue very well. dominic pileggi, he gave us his rational. >> they keep admitting that if a state votes for a democrat, but is controlled in the state house by republicans, exploit the power you have. screw the voter. >> the voter id was all about
11:43 pm
allowing mitt romney to win pennsylvania. now we have the head of the rnc, the top republican in the nation, admitting what we already knew. specifically that they can't win on a fair playing field. so where we have control in the legislature, let's rig the roles. let's pass some legislation. >> they're not trying to do this in states that vote republican to begin with. again, it's about cheating to win because they can't win on the merits. >> you know, i look at it with latino voters who were in play with president george w. 40%. now it's up to 70% democrat. instead of competing on issues like fair immigration policy.
11:44 pm
newt gingrich the day after the election said something really smart. there's something we don't get, we republicans don't get, about the electorate, and we better figure it out. but instead of trying to figure it out, they're kind of trying to figure out how to put a thumb on the scale here and shave, you know, off the weights there. and it's not ultimately going to work. ultimately it's trying to hold back the sea. it does show how important the state level elections are. >> democrats have let that go the wrong way. >> exactly. >> i want to ask mr. burn about that. is this a wake-up call for democrats who are involved with fights for the governorships, fights for the legislatures because they don't get the pr time and don't get attention on this show i have to admit, but they decide on reapportionment, gerrymandering, election law, and you find yourself going into a presidential election with the rigging already in place.
11:45 pm
>> and that was a wake-up call for us in pennsylvania last year. it allowed myself and other leaders in the party here to remind folks how important these down ballot elections are. you don't need a governor's race or presidential race to be focused and paying attention on who your representatives are going to be at the state and the state senate level, the representative levels, and we have used that as a talking point quite effectively. last year we picked up three state senate seats, the most since 1970. so we've closed the margins. we have a governor, a republican, one of the least popular governors in america up for a re-elect next year. if that election were next month with the right democrat, we have him. so this is part of the groundwork, and this is the type of behavior they continue to exhibit which allows us to enable our base to go out and recruit democrats, so, yes, these down level races are as important, and there will be focus on them because of some of these type of attempts by the republicans to tilt the playing field. >> well, jim, i think you got a shot at beating corbett if you
11:46 pm
get the right candidate. i think the two-year term guarantee is off for corbett. he has not deserved that re-elect. anyway, thank you, jim burn, and thank you, eugene robinson. we'll be right back, and this is "hardball," the place for politics. how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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here is some news. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is not ruling out a filibuster of president obama's nomination of chuck hagel as defense secretary.
11:48 pm
mcconnell, who failed in his infamous vow to make president obama a one-term president, says republican opposition to hagel is growing in the senate. i'm not sure. like today john mccain, perhaps the most feisty critic, says he's not on board for a filibuster and won't try to block hagel's nomination by filibuster. there's still some good in john mccain. and we'll be right back.
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
we're back. it's no secret president obama won the endorsements of some big names in hollywood in 2012. people like eva longoria, george clooney, jay-z, beyonce, leonardo dicaprio, salma hayek,
11:51 pm
alec baldwin, but can hollywood heavyweights help change votes? politics has been inescapable. shows like "political animals," "veep," "the good wife," "house of cards," "1600 penn," and one of the earliest and best, maybe the best of them all, "west wing." >> apparently i have arranged for an honor guard for somebody. >> yes, sir, i'm sorry. >> no, no. just tell me, is there anything else i've arranged for? we're still in nato, right? >> yes, sir. >> what's going on? >> a homeless man died last night, a korean war veteran who was wearing a coat i gave to the good will. it had my card in it. an hour and 20 minutes for the ambulance to get there. a lance corporal united states marine corps. i got better treatment. >> if we start pulling strings like this you don't think every homeless veteran will come out of the woodwork? >> i can only hope, sir.
11:52 pm
>> here from "west wing", the emmy award winning actor richard schiff. the great thing about "west wing", it was romantic, it was positive, and everybody was loyal to the president. i worked in the white house. you're all loyal. everybody thinks everybody is a cynic and a bum looking for next job. totally loyal to the president. and it was like that, your show. are people waking up to the possibilities of politics in this country? there are so many shows on politics. >> my experience, i didn't really catch up to how "the west wing" was affecting people in america until about 2008 when i went around to all the debates and actually campaigned for joe biden. and everywhere i went, armies of people, especially obama's soldiers and people who work for hillary would come up to me and go you're the reason i'm doing this. what do you mean?
11:53 pm
well, "it was the west wing." that's why i decided to get into politics or that's why i decided to help out on this campaign. it did have the affect, apparently, on a huge number of young people. and i think that's affected the last couple of elections. >> so many martin sheens in our business lately? >> in your business. >> yeah, politics. do you find these romantic figures that really try to do the right thing? they wrestle with it so they can get done with it. they have to succeed. >> i believe this president is of that ilk, i really do. i think that he wants to do the right thing. i've certainly run into some people in congress who feel that way to me. you know, this is a tough -- >> he is clean as a whistle too. i mean no complications in his life. >> no. it seems like he is dedicated. it seems like his heart is in the right place, whether you agree with him or not, whether you think he is a socialist or not. you know, his heart seems to be in the right place.
11:54 pm
especially did you hear the speech he give on gun control earlier today. you could tell just from the behavior that this was coming from his gut, and it wasn't just some political. >> well, this thing in newtown happened on his watch. >> right. >> i think it matters to a president, you know. he was chief law enforcement official in the country at the time. i mean, it's part of his responsibility to make sure things like this can't easily happen again. >> it's been happening. and it's been recurring. and it scares a lot of us who walk around without guns, you know. so he is a father. he is a husband first. and i think that's where a lot of this is coming. >> in the wake of the mass shootings, many people hollywood is partially to blame. recently:00 or the and director quentin tarantino got testy with a british reporter. take a look at this fight. >> i don't want to talk what you want to talk about. i don't want to talk about the implications of violence.
11:55 pm
the reason i don't want to talk about it, because i said everything i have to say about it. if anyone cares what i have the say about it, they can google me, and they can look for 20 years what i have to say about it. i haven't changed my opinion one iota. >> no, but you haven't fleshed it out. >> it's not my job to flesh it out. >> no, it's my job to try and ask you. >> and i'm shutting your butt down. >> why do people fight with english accent interviewers like that? piers morgan. here is the question. let me try to pose to it you, sir, mr. schiff. >> yes, sir. >> we all grew up with cowboys and indians. you learn how'd to do this with your hand, shooting a gun, how to shoot. well learned that from cowboys and indians, war movies. violence is part of our culture. "django" i'm sure is an interesting thing but has a lot of violence in it. the recent jack reacher thing with cruise, don't they influence people? >> i think it influence mid son. i think the video games probably more so.
11:56 pm
and it was a big concern for me. >> you're at the lansburgh theater. >> the lansburgh theatre, the shakespeare company, i'm doing a play called "hughie". >> wonderful to see you in action. richard schiff, who has done a little prep for the play. not enough, probably. when we return, let me finish with president obama and the roman catholic faith on the issue of birth control. they found a way to work together. this is what i call high-level politics, the place for politics right here. [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up
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